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Natural berry drink, Cranberry - Cherry - Quince

Although the drinks do not reach the 15% reference value, they still contain enough important elements such as: cherry raw material potassium 91.2mg/100g, copper 0.02mg/100g, magnesium 9.18mg/100g, iron 0.092mg/100g, blueberry -magnesium 6.24mg/100g, E vit <0.1 mg/100g, quince-85mg/100g, cranberries-12.2mg/100g, plum-magnesium 6.32mg/100g, strawberries-C vit. 40.6mg/100g, magnesium 9.98mg/100g, raspberries- C vit. 8.8mg/100g, iron 0.208mg/100g, blackcurrant-C vit. 158mg/100g, iron 0.64mg/100g, apples-magnesium 35mg/ kg, iron 0.88mg/kg, sea buckthorn-C vit. 64.4mg/100g, E vit.2.4mg / 100g ,,gooseberries-C vit.22.5mg/100g, E vit. 1.5 mg/100 g whose presence in products is worth mentioning in terms of their biological value.[/]COLOR[text]Beverages contain "natural dyes" which are the berry's biological pigments - CAROTINOIDS (red, yellow and orange pigments) and ANTOCYANES (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment). Since, in addition to water, juice drinks also contain a significant amount of cold-pressed berry and fruit juices, these drinks retain their bright, saturated colors, creating different shades, depending on the berries in the particular drink.

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