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Juice drink, Raspberry - Blackcurrant - Cherry

Juice drinks are natural and valuable. The value comes from their ingredients - freshly squeezed berry and fruit juices and the unique “ICE AGE WATER” recommended by the doctors' association for use in unlimited quantities for both children and adults. The drink contains little sugar (only up to 5%), most of which is natural sugar from fresh berries and fruits.

100g of product contains:

Calories: 20

Carbohydrates - 5.11g

Sugars - 4.99g

! Low carbohydrate and sugar content

These drinks have a pleasant, sweet&sour taste. A real find for those who want something refreshing but unsweetened.

Distinct, natural berry flavors taste exactly the same as the fresh berries themselves. It is strongly expressed, pleasant and natural - which is the main difference between our drinks and other drinks, which contain artificial berry flavorings to create the presence of berry aroma in those products.

Our juice drinks are rich in various biologically active substances, which come partly from water but are predominantly from the berries and their juices, which we use in the production of drinks.

Although the drinks do not reach the 15% reference value, they still contain enough important elements such as: cherry raw material potassium 91.2mg / 100g, copper 0.02mg / 100g, magnesium 9.18mg / 100g, iron 0.092mg / 100g, blueberry -magnesium 6.24mg / 100g, E vit <0.1 mg / 100g, quince-85mg / 100g, cranberries-12.2mg / 100g, plum-magnesium 6.32mg / 100g, strawberries-C vit. 40.6mg / 100g, magnesium 9.98mg / 100g, raspberries - C vit. 8.8mg / 100g, iron 0.208mg / 100g, blackcurrant-C vit. 158mg / 100g, iron 0.64mg / 100g, apples-magnesium 35mg / kg, iron 0.88mg / kg, sea buckthorn-C vit. 64.4mg / 100g, E vit.2.4mg / 100g ,, gooseberries-C vit.22.5mg / 100g, E vit. 1.5 mg / 100 g whose presence in products is worth mentioning in terms of their biological value.

Beverages contain "natural dyes" which are the berry's biological pigments - CAROTINOIDS (red, yellow and orange pigments) and ANTOCYANES (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment). Since, in addition to water, juice drinks also contain a significant amount of cold-pressed berry and fruit juices, these drinks retain their bright, saturated colors, creating different shades, depending on the berries in the particular drink.

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