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Blueberry - Cherry

RicBerry’s FULLY BERRY candy is the first candied berry candy that is 100% natural and healthy. It has won over our hearts a long time ago and delights us for almost 10 years now.

We created this candy to show that without the traditional date, apricot, black plum, and raisin products, that are so widely used around the world, there are many more delicious and healthy berries, fruits, and vegetables from which we can create great and healthy products. Disrupting the boredom of the taste of date-based products.

100g of product contains:

Cu (copper) - 0.13 mg (13% NRV)

Potassium - 110mcg (6% NRV)

Omega 3 - 0.87mcg (43% NRV)

Protein - 3.7g

Fiber - 15.6 g (65% NRV)

! Rich source of fiber

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There are many options to choose from. All of them - juicy, rich, and saturated flavors. A total of 18 different berry and fruit combinations, each presenting you with the most characteristic taste nuances of each berry. From sweet to sour to everything in between. More than just berries and fruits! Feel free to choose your favorite! Will it be the juicy strawberries or raspberries? Maybe you want a more neutral taste of plums or blueberries? Apples, rhubarb, pumpkins? Or do you prefer sour quinces, aloes, or cranberries? But if you are a fan of strong, saturated flavors - sea buckthorn and blackcurrant are made for you!

A delicacy for every taste!

A valuable and healthy product, RicBerry’s FULLY BERRY candy - is an absolutely natural product from berries and fruits. The different types of candies contain an impressive amount and variety of natural vitamins, minerals and are rich in fiber. These candies contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B5, the valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, the list goes on... The important thing is that our candies, just like our other products, contain only naturally preserved vitamins, nothing is added so you never risk taking too much of anything when enjoying our products!

Natural berries and fruit contain quite a bit of sugar, but it is balanced out by the high fiber content that slows down its digestion and prevents too rapid of a blood sugar level rise - qualities that are also preserved in our candies. This product does not contain gluten or allergens and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This candy contains only natural ingredients, without preservatives or added colorants, because the main "natural colorants" of this product are the biological pigments of berries. There are 4 main groups of pigments: CAROTENOIDS (red, yellow, and orange pigments), ANTHOCYANINS (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment), CHLOROPHYLL (green pigment), and PHYCOBILINS (blue, red pigments).

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