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Blackcurrant-Plum Dessert Sauce

One of RicBerry's innovations is cooking sauces and ketchups made from berries. Back in 2011, it was an absolute novelty! Some time has passed and we’ve now learned to appreciate and choose them for the preparation of our daily or holiday meals. These products are universally applicable and can be used to prepare many different dishes. They will not only enrich your dishes but also add interesting and extraordinary taste nuances. You can use the "Berry on Top" sauces for marinating chicken, meat, fish, and game, making spicy sauces, serving with cheese, sausages or, cooking and browning. They can also be added to soups. Use our dessert sauce as a great addition to pancakes, ice cream, porridge, muesli, cottage cheese, or in an old-fashioned way - on fresh white bread! Mmm… a delicacy with emotion!

This natural berry sauce will make your favorite dishes temptingly delicious. The sauce has a reduced sugar content. Enjoy this great combination of fresh flavors and natural value of berries. Our dessert sauce is a unique berry product that has no analogue.

100g of product contains:

Calories: 156kcal

Carbohydrates - 42.5mg

Sugars - 36.5g:

- glucose 19.3 g

- fructose 15.6 g

- sucrose 1,61g

Protein - 0.1g

! Only 1.61% sucrose

The flavors are very unique and unusual because all the sauces are made mainly from berries and fruits. They have an excellent, liquid, but sufficiently thick and homogeneous consistency obtained due to the natural structure of the raw materials and the pectins in the berries. Our products are free of any additional substances, preservatives, or stabilizers. Our sauces and ketchups are suitable for vegans and do not contain gluten or any allergens. For marinades, we recommend using our “Quince & Honey cooking sauce” with ginger and rosemary. Fried potatoes will taste best together with our “Dill ketchup” and, the “Classic ketchup” will be most suitable for cooked meats and sausages. For quick-cooking or browning, use our “Quick cherry cooking sauce” and don’t forget to try the “Garlic ketchup” which has a unique sweet & sour taste… and must be enjoyed!
Everything is based on berry and fruit purees. Dill and garlic are a whole core of biologically active substances in themselves and transfer these accumulated natural values into our ketchups and sauces.Each vitamin has its own heat resistance, e.g. Vitamin C diminishes with heating, but vitamins A and B, like minerals, increase their concentration in the product, because when properly processed, they are not affected by heat, so sauces are valuable with their natural composition and substances retained in them. In addition, all ketchups are produced with a minimal amount of added salt, without any vinegar - all the necessary acidity is provided by natural acids of berries, which also ensures the suitability of these sauces for marinating. Blackcurrant sauce, on the other hand, has a reduced sugar content, since the natural sugars in the berries provide all of the necessary sweetness.
Cooking sauces and ketchups contain "natural dyes", which are the biological pigments of the berries - CAROTINOIDS (red, yellow, and orange pigments) and ANTOCYANES (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment). The raw ingredients of our sauces and ketchups are berries, fruits, vegetables, and greens, which, thanks to our gentle processing technology, fully retain their characteristic natural colors even after processing. From the soft yellow “Quince sauce” or pink ketchup to the dark purple tones of our “Blackcurrant dessert sauce”.

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