Privacy policy

1. In order to have the opportunity to use the E-store and purchase the goods traded through the E-store, the Customer must sign up by means of completing a registration form. The registration form must contain the following data about the Customer: first name, surname, e-mail address, delivery address, phone number and any other data as may be essential for the delivery of goods.

2. The Customer is responsible for the precision, veracity and completeness of the data specified in the registration form. In case of any changes in the Customer's data, the Customer must have these updated immediately. The Seller shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any losses incurred by the Customer or any third party due to the provision of false or incomplete data by the Customer (or his/her failure to update or supplement the data).

3. The Customer may freely amend and supplement his/her data or revoke his/her registration at any time. Having revoked his/her registration, the Customer loses access to the E-store and the opportunity to purchase from the E-store. In this case, the Customer shall only be granted access to shopping through the E-store again after a repeated registration.

4. Having signed up, the Customer is provided with individual access credentials (user name and password). The Customer shall keep these credentials secure and refrain from disclosing these to any third parties. The Customer is responsible for keeping the access credentials issued to him/her, as well as for any actions (provision of data, placement of orders for goods, etc.) carried out in the E-store through a connection established using the Customer's individual user name and password. If the services of the E-store are used by a third person who has gained access to the E-store over the Internet using the Customer's access credentials, the Seller shall deem such person to be the Customer. In case of loss of the Customer's access credentials, the Customer must inform the Seller of the loss immediately by phone or e-mail specified at the website of the E-store (

5. The personal data provided by the Customer shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia that govern the issues of processing and protection of such data. In the course of processing and storage of the Customer's personal data, the Seller shall employ organisational and technical means that ensure protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure and any other kinds of unlawful processing.

6. The Customer's personal data shall be used for Customer identification, sale and delivery of goods, execution of accounting documents, administration of debt liabilities, discharge of any other liabilities arising from the contract of purchase and granting the Customer access to other services provided by the E-store.

7. The personal data provided by the Customer shall only be used by the Seller and the partners that the Seller cooperates with in the course of administrating the E-store, delivering goods and providing other services as may be related with the execution and performance of the Customer's orders. The Seller must refrain from disclosing the Customer's personal data to any third parties other than the Seller's partners as specified above, except for the cases provided for by the regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia.

8. The Seller may use the data that have no direct association with the Customer's identity, i.e., the history of goods purchased, for statistical purposes. Such statistic data shall be selected and processed in such a manner so as not to disclose the Customer's identity or any other personal data that might allow the identification of a person.

9. If the Customer is willing to receive notifications from the Seller or its partners, or any other offers that may be useful for the Customer, the Customer can check the respective box in the registration form, allowing the dispatch of such notifications or offers to the Customer. If the Customer is not willing to receive those, the Seller shall not use the Customer's personal data for marketing purposes and shall refrain from sending any messages of informational and advertising nature to the Customer, except for those required for carrying out an order placed by the Customer.

10. The Customer's personal data shall only be stored for as long as this is required for specific data processing purposes. The personal data provided by the Customer in the course of signing up to the E-store shall be stored for two years after the Customer's most recent connection to the E-store system. The data provided in the course of purchase or required for the performance of contractual liabilities are stored for the entire duration of the warranty period effective in respect of the purchased goods, but for no less than two years after the delivery of these goods. The data required for the performance of debt liabilities shall be stored until the respective debt is discharged, but for no longer than ten years. The data used for direct marketing purposes shall be stored for two years after the Customer's most recent connection to the E-store system. When the personal data are no longer necessary, or when the storage period thereof expires, these shall be destroyed through the use of a reliable method.

11. Having filed the respective request with the Seller, the Customer shall be entitled to familiarise himself/herself with the personal data processed by the Seller and the methods of processing thereof, as well as to demand correction of any incorrect, incomplete or imprecise data or discontinuance of any processing of the Customer's personal data (except for storage thereof), if the data processing occurs in violation of the law or these Regulations.

12. We care about your privacy, so your personal data will never be disclosed or sold to third parties for purposes not covered by this policy. Your personal data may be passed on to trusted service partners who provide certain services: financial, advertising, payment, delivery or other services inside or outside the publishing house.
To prevent the risk of fraud or other criminal activity and to ensure that the information you provide is accurate, we may pass it on to other companies, financial organizations or other organizations involved in the fight against fraud and crime. We have an obligation to disclose customer information to law enforcement if criminal activity is suspected. Your personal data is also protected if it is transferred outside the publishing house. We are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that our trusted partners securely store your personal information.


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