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Original berry products

Berries that grow in Latvia
RICBERRY produces masterful combinations of taste and healthiness with 100% natural innovative products made of berries that grow in Latvia.
Gentle Technology
Our objective is to preserve the natural value, freshness and juiciness of berries, so these are processed using RICBERRY's own Gentle Technology.
Amounts to over 120 items
Currently, the original product range offered by RICBERRY amounts to over 120 items and includes candied berries, syrups, lemonades, berry sweets, chewing berry sweets, dessert berry sauces, berry ketchups, berry chocolates.

Our principles

We are sure that people around the world become ever more discerning as regards food and pay great attention to the products they purchase, especially for their children. This is due to people's responsible attitude towards their health, as natural food is undoubtedly an integral component of healthy lifestyle.
Gentle Technology
Our objective is to preserve the natural value, freshness and juiciness of berries, so these are processed using RICBERRY's special Gentle Technology. The temperature at which berries are processed never exceeds 37-45°C.
Handmade product
Skilful hands of RICBERRY's professionals carefully clean every berry, prepare and pack this natural treasure, making it available all year round.
100% natural
All our products are made of berries, 100% natural, free from preservatives, GMO, artificial dyes and other harmful taste modifiers.
Low sugar content
We reduce the amount of sugar in our products to the minimum possible level, allowing the natural berry sweetness of fructose and glucose to unfurl.

We are on a mission

Improving your eating habits is simple with our products. Having mastered the art of combining taste with exceptional natural value of berries, we produce original, healthy and tasty products for you to enjoy every day.

Our Company

Ieva Viluma
Mansur Abdulmuslimov
General Director
Edgars Vilums
Marketing Manager

Berry value

Phosphorus - 0,25MG
Potassium - 199MG
Calcium - 28MG
Zinc - 0,24MG
Anthocyanins - 64,4MCG
Omega 3 - 30,4G
Zinc - 0,16MG
Iron - 0,57MG
Copper - 0,25MG
Potassium – 220MG
Phosphorus - 53MG
Potassium - 560MG
Vitamin E - 0,8MG
Vitamin A - 3133MCG
Iron - 0,7MG
Fiber - 2,2G
Iron - 1,2MG
Calcium – 44MG
Fiber - 3,2G
Iron - 0,95MG
Vitamin E - 4MG
Potassium - 248MG
Vitamin E - 1,2MG
Vitamin B5 - 0,5MG
Sea buckthorn
Vitamin A - 0,04MG
Vitamin B2 - 0,06MG
Omega 3 - 8,3G
Iron - 4,58MG
Omega 3 - 29,5G
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